Safety is our priority

At AirHeads, we take pride in the measures that we have in place to promote safety. Our staff is trained to assist in providing a safe and fun atmosphere.


Glow Night Deal

Unlimited Attractions, two slices of pizza. Friday is TEEN NIGHT. Ages 13 to 17. Saturday night is for everyone.

From 7PM-10PM
Only $18.99 per person

Daily ways to save

Check out all the different ways you can save when you come to AirHeads. Everything from a 30 days attractions pass and weekday madness to evening meal deals. We have all the fun.

Our attractions

Trampoline Park

With 40 wall to wall trampolines, there’s plenty of ways to express your jumping style. 

Rock Climbing

Fun and challenging for everyone 48″ and up. Every climb brings a sense of achievement even if you only got a little higher than you did last time. Build confidence and strength. 

The Ninja Course

Only for true Ninja Warriors!  Test your skills on our most challenging course. You’ll want to return again and again to better your time. Face off against your friends while you test your balance and strength.

Air Dodgeball

Adrenaline, Aim, Avoid, and catch AIR!  Our Referees often play along and show you hacks to be last person standing. 

Adventure Arcade

With over 30 games, Airheads has a mix of old school favorites, racing games, and over the top thrillers like Jurassic Park.

Play Course

A two-story playground with slide, lookout and other fun features for our 48″ and under guests.  Perfect for hide and seek while giving you an unobstructed view of your child as they play.

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